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Green Screen Bar Mitzvah Montage Samples & Demos

We have unique tracking green screen technology that has never been seen before. Your green screen photo montage consists of a two hour shoot designed as a concept video design.

Green Screen Bat Mitzvah Photo Montage
Movie Theme Photo Montage

2D vs 3D Photo Montage Slideshows

can only be compared if you view one of our amazing 3D montages. Our parent company, Video Keepsakes can help you decided which one will be the best for you and your family. Our amazing talents are at your disposal, and we are happy to customize your child's montage for a particular party theme. Our Bar & Bat Mitzvah Video Photo Montages are simply one of a kind.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Montage Songs

if you are looking for some song suggestions for your montage, look no further then our montage sildeshow song suggestions.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Concept Video Skits

Video Keepsakes invented the Concept Video back in the 1980's our parent company still produces these one of a kind milestone like no other in Los Angeles or Orange County. We film on location a variety of events that lead up to a moral of a story or are just plain crazy fun that any 12 or 13 year old will never forget.

A perfect gift for the entire family! Get involved today with one of our Total Involvement Packages.

We have produced these montages for some of the most popular companies in California but now you can come to us directly and skip the middleman. Our Video Services are un-limited!

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Videography Services

The actual bar or bat mitzvah videography is something that you should trsust from only the most experienced videogrpahers, and we price ourselves with being the most creative and experienced producers of professional video events the East Coast or West Coast has ever seen.

Please allow us to help you plan the perfect bar mitzvah video or recomend the package that will be best for you. Prices can be found on our bar mitzvah price page.

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